Our main RFP document is available on the New Zealand GETS website http://gets.govt.nz/(external link) - registration is required. Supporting documentation for the Public Safety Network RFP can be downloaded below. A non-disclosure agreement is required for some of the appendices.

The videos on this page are to aid your understanding of our RFP. You can still request a workshop by emailing us.

Appendix 1. Service Requirements
Appendix 2. Glossary and Definition of Key Terms


Appendix 5.8 LMR Coverage - NDA Required

Appendix 6. Coverage Maps- NDA Required

Appendix 7. Network Sites Inventory - NDA Required



Appendix 12. Detailed Channel Allocation - NDA Required

Appendix 13. LMR Design Brief - NDA Required



Schedule 11 - Void

Schedule 12. Service Catalogue
PSN RFP Overview

PSN RFP Service Requirements

PSN RFP LMR Requirements